Altınbaş| Institutional


By abandoning the awareness of being a jewelry, Altınbaş was trying to create a new brand awareness with the concept of being known with gems and precious stones. Even if we had some experience on the subject as being the agency guys who have been oppressed with demands of solitaires for years, we let girls have a say in this. Then a diamond-like idea just popped out of our heads and we created a design that reflects the brands new awareness concept. The IMA prize winner site we designed became flawless not just with its deign, but with its technical details too. In this HTML 5 based site, all the animations were prepared as Javascript. This resulted in healthy visibility performances on all screens. It was constructed completely proper to seo and validation standards. Women now show the solitaires and necklaces of their dreams from the website of Altınbaş. Even if it’s a troublesome situation for men, we are happy about the results.