Ekici Peynir| Crack an Ekici

Facebook Application

It was needed to tell the taste and the diversity of Ekici Peynir to all social media, especially to women, who are the target audience. In the beginning, it was hard to concentrate. Seeing the varieties of cheese from braided to brynza made us crave for tasting the cheese until we could not work anymore. The girls in the company said “I won’t eat anymore” 101 times and then took back these words every single time. But professionalism won at the end. We have tailored the recent popular mobile game as an advergame. Users tried to gain points by putting Ekici Peynir products side by side. The social media statistics of Crack an Ekici also added to our taste. Fan count of the page went up, and the winners of the game enjoyed their breakfasts with Ekici products.

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