İnci Akü| Institutional


We like hard work. İnci Akü came to Kollektif with a brief including a vision on changing its digital showcase. Our mission was to transform the dealer network based website to an end user friendly one. When we hear the name of some brands, we directly think of its slogan. After hearing the name İnci Akü, like everyone else, we directly thought of durable car battery. So we said “Like itself, its website should be durable too”. We transformed the site to a place where İnci Akü’s brand values were in the forefront. In this HTML 5 based site, all the animations were prepared as Javascript. This resulted in a trouble-free working quality on all pc, mobile and tablet screens. At the end, a website that got rid of the mechanical structure, and that is young and dynamic which challenges even Ajda Pekkan with its up to date and user friendly design was there. It also made us win the following prizes in order: The Best of its Class Prize in Manufacturing Category in IMA, The Best Web and Main Page Prize in W3 Awards, and Silver Prize in Manufacturing Category in 9th Annual Davey Awards.

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