Mey İçki| You Wish, You Make It Play

Facebook Application

Mey İçki asked, “How can we make our guests, who will come to Cyprus Rakı Festival, experience the rakı culture in a different way?” Since we have the most reliable authorities on the rakı culture after Aydın Boysan, the idea popped out instantly. The QR Codes printed on the napkins would be read by phones, selected songs would be displayed on the screen which stands in front of the music band and would be shared in social media. Then what happened? There were people who winked at their ex-lovers, thinking “Could we start again?”; who got enthusiastic, saying “Don’t cry, life is not worth it”; who ran on the stage, saying “I will sing too”, and thus You Wish, You Make It Play application became the star of the festival. You Wish, You Make It Play won the first place in Best Mobile Application category at DPİD, and Certificate of Achievement in The Most Creative Mobile Application category at Felis awards.

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