Obaçay| Everyone to Suhoor

Facebook Application

It could not have been thought a month of Ramadan without Obaçay, which we are addicted to and which we give our social media services to. We rolled our sleeves right away for a booming campaign. We said “Who does play the drum best in Ramadan” and prepared Obaçay’s advergame called Everyone to Suhoor. Users who visited our application tried to play the drum correctly and turn the lights of the neighborhood on in the 3-stage game. We went beyond ourselves while writing special poems fort he application. Everyone to Suhoor application was our most intensive work Project in terms of working hours. With kindest regards to our all-hampering software team, we wrote a special poem for them too during the working nights, which glasses of tea was consumed. Here is the poem:

HTML5, Flash, Datnet
Don’t prolong the process where the idea is at
Thanks to you we became Count Dracula
Take pity a little bit on that