About Us

Kollektif is a 9 year old new generation advertising agency, which develops unique sales communications for brands on all media that can become a screen.

Like its name, its software, design, creative and social media departments work collectively in every process. Its staff of 35 people is comprised of experienced names of the sector.

In the digital media, which became a limitless universe with technical capabilities and new media types, Kollektif looks every work with a 360 degrees vision. While doing this, it updates itself according to the developing technologies, social media dynamics and trends. Regardless of the size of the work, it starts every brief with market and target audience research. It determines the right media for its brands and reaches big audiences with the right marketing setups. The biggest measurable value for Kollektif is the benefit it brings to its brands with the works it does. It does not create WoMM, but it creates works that create WoMM. While doing these, it also adds labor, emotion and respect to the works.

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